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by Julieta Calderon


8. Global assertiveness
Julieta Calderon
1986 January - Space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after
takeoff from Cape Canaveral. All seven crew members are killed.
Manned space flights are suspended until September 1988.
1986 - US warplanes bomb Libyan cities. ¨irangate scandal
uncovered, revealing that proceeds from secret US arms sales to
Iran were used illegally to fund Contra rebels in Nicaragua.
1988 - Reagan´s vice-president, George Bush, elected president.
1989 - US troops invade Panama, oust its government and arrest
its leader, one-time Central Intelligence Agency informant General
Manuel Noriega, on drug-trafficking charges.
1991 - US forces play dominant role in war against Iraq, which was
triggered by Iraq´s invasion of Kuwait and ended with the expulsion
of Iraqi troops from that country.