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When Germany, which ignored the U.S. and copied South Korea, declared war on China and wiped out Taiwan, shocked Taiwan reached out to Japan, but Japan gave Korea an urgent sos! The reason why France shed tears of emotion at what South Korea secretly conducted
1. K-Food
2. K-Drama
3. K-Actress
4. K-Movie
5. K-Community
6. K-HipHop
Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented food and a kind of cooking style.
There is a food that is seasoned with vegetables that are pickled in salt water and fermented to enhance storage.Without any other modifier, "kimchi" refers mainly to southern cabbage kimchi, which is made red with red pepper powder, and it is the most famous in the world. In addition to this spicy and salty kimchi, there are various kinds of kimchi, such as radish pickled radish, kkakdugi, cucumber kimchi made of cucumber, and white kimchi, which was mainly thought of in Seoul or the northern part of the prefecture.
It is characterized by re-seasoning pickled vegetables once.
Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish that is mixed with various vegetables and soy sauce in rice, and today, it is preferred to add meat together. In fact, the cooking method is not set, so if you add any ingredients at home and mix them with a spoon of red pepper paste and sesame oil, you can make it very simple and easy to eat. In order to make it properly, consider the taste combination of the ingredients in bibimbap, trim various ingredients to the same size, and then season them with soy sauce and salt to suit the ingredient characteristics, stir-fry them, cool them, and add them.
There is only one name for bibimbap, but there are many recipes that taste completely different. Bibimbap's cooking is simple without any big changes, but it is also a food with large individual differences due to changes in details depending on individual tastes
Korean dramas are famous all over the world.
Among them, there is a squid game as a representative drama.
The storyline of the squid game is that 456 participants compete with each other to win 45.6 billion won in prize money through traditional Korean games.
The drama won several awards for recording Netflix's best-ever viewing household and viewing time.
Also, the director and actors won the Emmy Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the U.S. broadcasting industry.
The next Korean drama to introduce is Extraordinary attorney Woo.
Extraordinary attorney Woo, touched many people with his drama about the growth of an autistic lawyer.
The drama was well received by the actors for their acting skills.
In addition, they added fun through a interesting direction.
The success of the drama gave rise to webtoons of the same name.
The place where the drama appeared was designated as a cultural property.
As such, Korean dramas are influencing not only in Korea but also around the world.
It is said that while attending Ulsan Arts High School, he came to Seoul recklessly after the winter vacation. At that time, I didn't know anyone, so I only got help from my grandmother for two months and made a living by working various part-time jobs. While working part-time, I started modeling after receiving a modeling offer.
She perfectly played the role of the main character "Yunabi" in the 2021 drama "I Know It," which dramatized a popular webtoon. Although TV ratings were sluggish, they were popular among women in their teens and 20s at OTT. Soon, he played the main character "Yoon Ji-woo/Oh Hye-jin" in the Netflix original drama "My Name" and led the play by showing action acting 180 degrees different from his previous work. It even achieved excellent box office results by climbing to the top third place in the Netflix world rankings. # With this work, she was nominated for the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards TV category "Best Actress for Women."
After "flying a roof kick" , he chose a sitcom, not a positive one, for his next work. This soon led to a divine move, which was MBC's "High Kick Through the Roof".
Since then, she has been on a roll and has continued her activities in various works, including "Tazza"
From the end of September 2018, she opened a YouTube account and started Vlog activities. The main content is the daily life spent with two dogs. There is no special issue, and the video itself is not managed by the agency, but it is like editing videos taken by oneself on a smartphone and adding subtitles, so it feels like a light daily life. Nevertheless, along with Shin Se-kyung's popularity, the fact that the video itself is honestly captured, and the number of subscribers exceeded 100,000 in just two weeks, proving its popularity