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My Dream House

by Luke Ulberg


Luke’s Dream House
by Luke Ulberg
Have you wanted to build your house? If so, what would you want? I would have a gaming room, water park, and basketball court in my dream house.
First, I want a gaming room with LED lights, a ps4, and a good pc. My LED lights can make different colors. I would need two gaming chairs, one for the PC and one for the PS4. I would also have a lot of V-bucks to buy skins and get the battle pass and battle stars.
Next, my water park is in my dream house. It would have different colored water. It has good LED’s to change colors. My water park would have an elevator so I can get onto my waterslide. If you want to walk you can. I would need chairs for relaxing outside.
My dream house has a basketball court at last. LED lights in my basketball court to make it look cool. The rim is going to have a sensor for the ball to count the points. I also need a scoreboard. It needs to have a waterboy station on the sideline.
 My dream house is going to have a gaming room, basketball court and a water park because that’s what I want in my dream house. What would your dream house have? Would you have the same things as me?