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The Three Little Pigs and the Cheetah

by Luna Castillo Garcia


The Three Baby Pigs and the Cheetah
The three baby pigs they live in a forest and the. cheetah was there so the cheetah waned to eat them.
And the baby pigs were fighting so they made. their own houses 1 made it out of hay. and the second made it out of sticks. and the third made it out of bricks.
And the cheetah came and waned to eat them. so when the cheetah came the cheetah told the first one pig said that he. will not let him in so the cheetah destroid the house so the baby pig came to his bother house and the cheetah came and he destroy the house to.
So the two baby pigs ran to his other brother house and the cheetah didn't destroy it because it was made out of brick. so the cheetah tried to get in but he cudent. so he left. deen the 3 baby pigs were happy. the end.
Team work makes perfect.