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European identity

by Pina Di Maso

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European identity
"Europe is founded on the unity of culture even before political and economic reasons. For political and economic reasons, Europeans fought each other for centuries but this has not prevented Italian scholars from teaching in Paris or Dutch scholars from coming to teach at the University in Bologna; we listen to Mozart and Vivaldi music without thinking that one is Austrian and the other is Italian, so the fundamental European unity is a profound cultural identity. It is on this basis that we must remind everyone that Europe can be one."
Umberto Eco
From the age of Humanism until the end of the Ancient Regime, in Europe bloodied by dynastic ambitions, wars of religion and rivalries between the great powers, thinkers of different nationalities and faiths have never stopped talking to each other in full freedom of thought, united in the common search for beauty, goodness and truth. 
At the basis of European cultural identity lies a long dialogue between literatures, philosophies, musical and theatrical works. Nothing that can be cancelled by a war.
Europe for students:Erasmus KA2 our mobilities
“La vigna, crocevia delle culture latine”.
A.S.2014-15 Bordeaw Scuola di Talence