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Little White Rabbit Hood

by Layla Byrne


Little White Rabbit Hood
Once upon a time there lived bunny called Rabbit.Rabbit was a kind bunny and he lived in a borrow with his kids.Early one morning his son told him that one of his brothers moved to Canada.He was disapointed he worked all day and night.Finaly he got an idea the idea was to bring some water and carrots to his son in Canada.He started walking to the airport.
Soon Rabbit saw the airport.The airport was Big,Blue,Tall and white.When he got there he went to the security stand .
"where are you going?" asked the security gaurd
"I am going to Canada" said Rabbit and in Rabbit went.He got on a plane. 7 hours later he got to Canada and after a few miles he saw his sons house.His sons house was brownand dark brown and made of rock.When he got there he knoked on the door.
"Who is it ?" asked Rabbits son
"It is me your dad" said Rabbit and in he went
Rabbet sat down and talked and talked wile his son was on the couch.
"What small teeth you have" said Rabbit
"All the better to eat with" said his son
"What small ears you have" said Rabbit
"All the better to hear you with" said his son
"What human body you have" said Rabbit
suddinly the sicurity gaurd jummped off the couch.He tried to catch Rabbit.
The security gaurds plan was to catch Rabbit in a big box . Luckily his kids came to the rescue .When the security gaurd caught Rabbit in the box his kids took a potion and drank it . When they did they grew big and they started to chase after the security gaurd .he ran of to a desert never to be seen. Rabbit and his kids lived happly ever after.
The End