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Expressions of Myself...

by Zenneline Louw


Written by Zenneline Louw

Label - something put on something to give it a name. we have all been labelled something by someone and this has somehow influenced how we lived our lives through others lenses. This poem shed some light on the labels I have been called...
Don’t label me
Excuse me,
Can I have your attention for a moment
Excuse me!!
Yes, you the one who just labelled me
I beg your pardon I think your notion of me is some what crooked
Don’t label me

Labels are everywhere
Labels are given to things so that they are easily identified
Pardon me,
but who gave you the right to put a label on me?
I don’t recall asking you to set me free
Don’t label me
Name calling as always been your style
Perhaps you thought I would walk a mile
Because of the words you speak to describe me are utterly vile
They have been so far of the mark
You thought you were igniting a spark
While I was in the dark
Don’t label me
The labels you put on me in the form of words
They imprisoned me
They confined me
They undressed me
Your labels weakened me
Don’t label me
I refuse to be confined by your ignorant notions of who I am
Do me a favor don’t put a label on me
I am who I am because I worked through all my layers
And I finally immersed from all the labels that hid my true self
So please I ask again,
Don’t label me
I understand that your labelling was out of a place of misunderstanding,
Or perhaps it was out of a place of insecurity
Or even self hate
Because all you knew was to hate
But please
Don’t label me

Don’t label me because you don’t understand yourself
Don’t label me because you can’t stand yourself
Don’t label me because you are battling with your insecurities
Darling, it so does not matter to me what you think of me because
All your labelling does is expose you
Don’t label me

You labelling me exposes who you are
And the space you find yourself in
So please
Don’t label me