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by HazimAzihan
The old, creaking door of the abandoned mansion beckoned me with an
air of mystery that I couldn't resist. As I stepped inside, I found myself in a trouble as I am falling 4 feet deeper underground. It’s very dark that all I can see is black dark colour.
I’m carefully reaching my mobile phone in my pocket to use the flashlight feature on the phone. After using the flashlight on the phone, my body suddenly filled with curiosity and excitements as the first thing that I saw is underground garage that filled with old racing equipment and a yellow `92 Chevrolet Camaro covered with dust.  
For your information, I had my interest since past 10 years with an international cars racing competition known as NASCAR. It is one of the top ranked motorsports organizations in the world. The dust-covered Camaro had seen better days, but I could still feel its power and history. I carefully wiped away the grime from the hood, revealing a decal with the name of a famous driver, Dale Earnhardt. This car was once driven by a legend.
Exploring further, I discovered a collection of vintage racing helmets, suits, and even a trophy case filled with trophies and medals. It was as though the garage held the memories and achievements of a past glory era. I couldn't resist the temptation to sit behind the wheel of the Camaro. I could almost hear the roar of the crowd and the thunder of engines as I gripped the steering wheel. It was a moment of pure nostalgia and excitement.
Suddenly, my joy was interrupted when I heard a distant sound, there are footsteps approaching me and the Camaro. Panic set in as I realized I was not alone in this hidden treasure trove. I turned off the flashlight on my phone and hid behind a stack of tires, heart pounding. The footsteps drew nearer, and a beam of light swept across the garage. Someone was searching for something, and they were getting closer to the Camaro. I held my breath, praying that I wouldn't be discovered.
Just as I thought I might be in serious trouble, I heard a voice. "Dad, do you think we'll find anything down here?" It was a young boy, probably ten, accompanied by an older man who I assumed was his father. They were exploring the garage out of curiosity, just as I had. Relief washed over me as I realized I wasn't in danger. I decided to reveal myself and share my discovery with them. The father and son's eyes lit up with amazement as I told them about the history of the Camaro and the world of NASCAR.

Together, we marvelled at the treasures of the underground garage, and I couldn't help but feel that the old, creaking door of the abandoned mansion had led me to not only an exciting adventure but also to kindred spirits who shared my passion for racing. Little did I know that this chance encounter would lead to new friendships and a shared journey into the world of NASCAR, where we would uncover even more hidden stories and secrets buried beneath the mansion.