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Taking Home the Gold oa/ow

by Natalie Thornton


Taking Home the Gold!
Alex cleared his throat. "You've got this," he told himself on the road to the stadium that morning. He looked out the window, thinking of all the fun he would have after he won.
He had wanted this ever since he was a growing boy. His goal had always been to play in this game. He knew he could do this all on his own.
He had woken up this morning ready to play his favorite game. He had been playing around the globe but this would be the best one yet. He even dreamed that he had broken the world record for home runs.
Turns out, that dream came true! Alex was going home today with a gold medal in baseball!
River's coach gave her a thumbs up and a smile. At that point, River knew she would reach her goal. She was going to show everyone what she was made of.