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Lost Wolf

by Emily BRENNAND [4C]


The Lost Wolf
by Emily Brennand
In the deep dark woods, the blue moon was shining down, a wolf was howling.
A baby wolf was born that night. She was so tiny, her eyes were closed and she was covered in snow white fur. The wolf was adorable and her name was violet.
fact- baby wolves are born with there eyes closed
After two weeks, Violet was ready to leave the cave for the first time. She was going out hunting for prey with her pack.
fact- they need to be about 3-4 months old before they go out of the cave
Violet saw a rabbit she crept up and jumped! She had caught it! When Violet
got back from hunting she was proud of herself.
Violet was fast asleep,THUMP! A tree fell to the ground she woke up in shock, she was scared so she ran.
fact- people are distroing they habbitats by cutting down trees