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Year 6 Twisted Tales

by Emma Snow


We hope you enjoy reading our mini sagas. We have had so much fun writing them for you and are looking forward to getting them published.
A Twist in the Tale - Mini Sagas by boys from 6B, 6F and 6K (2022)

Here was our story task:
We hope you enjoy the surprises and twists we have in store for you.
Here are our mini sagas (stories written in 100 words or fewer).

Please enjoy reading our stories (on the right-hand side) and then, if you want to learn something about great writing, you can read one of the writing hacks we have been learning. Please read the stories first, though!
Note that you do not need to use inverted commas when revealing what a character is thinking. If you are typing, you can put the thoughts in italics.
Why is it so deathly cold? thought Lucy.