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Flappy the Warrior

by K.C.Stonehouse


Flappy the Warrior

Story and Illustrations by Kara Stonehouse.
Reading by Victoria Evans and Kara Stonehouse.


This book, number 5 of the series, was inspired by participating in Peace Weekend 2020. Jude Currivan inspired us with rich themes of connection, surrender and freedom. Richard Olivier encouraged us to live into an archetype we are less comfortable in and my daughter Victoria suggested I do a Flappy and Chab book on it!

Special thanks to Diana Claire Douglas of Wise Child books for the idea to use the imaginary world of my youth to tell the spiritual, emotional intelligence stories I am yearning to share with the world!

Thanks to my mother, a legendary school principal, for love, encouragement and editing!
You wouldn’t think of me as a warrior. Usually the monsters are the bad guys.

In fact, my great, great, great grandfather, Flapister Von Fierce was killed by a knight in shining armour.
300 years down the line,
I am just Flappy, leader of the Googly Monster Tribe.
I don’t like to admit it, but sometimes I am so AFRAID.