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Digestive System



The Book About the Digestive System
Written by Saege Averkamp
Table of contents

Role of the digestive system…page 3 

Organs and tissues …page 4

Breakdowns and diseases …page 5

Five fascinating facts…page 8

Glossary... page 11

About the 12

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Role of The Digestive System
Digestive system plays a very important role in the body. The digestive system helps you digest your food and removes waste.

Your stomach helps you digest your food. It will mix your food around in your stomach acid. It is important to your body because it helps you eat your food. And so then your saliva softens your food so you can eat it. And in that process it will take nutrients from your body.

Organs & Tissues

There are a lot of organs and tissues that allow the digestive system to function. There is the mouth, stomach, liver, esophagus, small intestine. Some of these organs and tissues keep you alive and healthy, while others are not as important. 
The mouth helps you a lot because your teeth help you grind your food and swallow. 
The esophagus is very important in your digestive system because when you swallow your food that is how it will get to your stomach.
Small intestine will push food down your big intestine. 
Another organ is the stomach. When you eat your food your stomach will fold in and then when you are done it will expand as big as a boxing glove.
 Next is the liver. The liver take out the nutrients in your food and break down your fatty foods.
Breakdowns and disease can negatively affect the system and the body. 
Crohn's disease is a breakdown in the digestive system. Something that happens with crohn's disease you could have cramps,diarrhea,fever,and sometimes weight loss. How it affects the system is it will affect your genitourinary. How it affects the body will be intra abdominal white adipose. The treatment for crohn's disease is diet medication. The prevention is you could get surgery so it does not come back.
IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. It will make you get constipation and cramps. How it will affect your system will cause bloating. How it affects the body will trigger your types of food that you like to eat. The treatment will make changes to your lifestyle. Prevention is when they will give a type of medicine.
Another disease is celiac disease, which is common.  To begin with  you can not eat foods that have gluten in them.What happens to the system it will affect the small intestine. What happens in the body will affect the bowel and swell. The treatment is the doctors will give you a certain type of medicine to slow it down. The prevention  is when you take medication to keep your blood pressure under control.