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Lily has superpowers

by Edianys Horta


Lily's Has Superpowers
by: Anie Horta
Teaching ADHD in children
Teaching inclusion and promote awareness
Lily is a five-year-old girl that has the energy of a rollercoaster. Lilly has always been curious about nature, the moon, and why other people can sit while talking.
While others read poems Lily prefers to see pictures and imagine how the world would be. Lilly's mother would take her to the park every morning to play with others kids. Although others might not understand why is Lily always moving.
Lily sees the world differently from everyone. While one might need to focus on one thing she could be thinking one thousand million! This makes her seem to others like she is distracted, but in reality, she's thinking and jumping at the same time.
Recommended questions for teachers:
Can you be friends with Lily?
Do you know any kid like Lily?

Allow yous students to answer