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iOS 15 Updates

by Anupam Rath


iOS 15 Updates
Author- Anupam Rath
This book is created for iPhone users.
This is Dobo. What he is saying→
Wow! Tell me All the features
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I am very board about iOS 14 in iPhone and iPod touch. I want to go to the next version. I want to know the features or i will switch back to android.
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Ok, I'm telling
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←This is Rakesh. What he is saying.
No need to switch to android as iOS 15 is launched and i will tell the features
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Say Bye Bye to iOS 14.
Devices which can support iOS 15-
iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone SE (3 generation) are included.
Dobo, please note the devices which can be supported.
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iPod Touch (7th Generation)
iPhone SE (1 Generation) is included.
iPhone 6+, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 3G and iPhone can't support iOS 15.
iOS 15 is the most advanced operating system. It is re-designed by the apple creator. It has more security than other versions. So, let's see the features of it-

Rakesh: Dobo, are you board with FaceTime?
Dobo: Yes, I'm board with FaceTime.
Rakesh: Why?
Dobo: As if someone is using iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod Touch, I can make FaceTime to them. I can't even share my screen.
Rakesh said: Now, iOS 15 opens the door to call anyone if they are using Windows or Android. It also has a new option called SharePlay. It allows you to share your screen and more. Now, the controls are at upside.
Dobo: Oh! Wow! What an update to FaceTime. I like this. Portrait mode is now there.
Edit Pages-
Rakesh: Are you feeling board about the new feature called Edit Pages?
Dobo: Yes. So, that's why I want to Downgrade to iOS 13 or iOS 12.
Rakesh: Why?
Dobo: Because, I can't delete or re-order pages.
Rakesh: No, don't downgrade. This is updated. Look at my iPhone SE (2 Generation). When I open edit pages. When I hide a page, there is a Minus(-) symbol like when we remove apps. This is delete pages. Now, I want the 1st page to come to last. Now, I've dragged to there. It is done.
Dobo: Wow!
Rakesh: Are you board about Safari?
Dobo: Yes. I'm board about Safari.
Rakesh: Why?
Dobo: The Safari controls are at up. I'm not getting the feeling that I'm using an app.
Rakesh: Now, look at my iPhone X. I've opened any website for example I've opened. Look at the bottom. The controls are at bottom.
Dobo: Wow! What a nice update.