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jany eyre

by Аня Ктоянц


Part III, Thornfield Hall
Upon arrival at the estate called Thornfield, Jane met Mrs. Fairfax, met the owner of the estates Rochester and her student Adele.Jane led a quiet, measured life, which she had long dreamed of.Once, while walking, she helped a stranger who fell from a horse, and it was Rochester. He told Jane a story about Adele, she was not his own daughter. One night Jane smelled burning and saw that it was from Mr. Rochester's room and she quickly ran to him. thanks to her intervention, the owner of Thornfieldhall survived.At breakfast Jane learned that Mr. Rochester had gone to visit friends with whom he would be staying for at least two weeks.After a while, he returned to Thornfieldhall with his friends and Jane saw in all its splendor the company of rich noble ladies and gentlemen.