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Vampires and Werewolves

by Daniela Mazur-Azucey


Vampires were known to crawl around at night and feed on people.

Count Dracula is one of the most known vampires in history. He was most known for torturing his foes. He was also known for turning other people into vampires.
One of vampires weaknesses is daylight. They also can get rid of from garlic or a wooden stake.

The first mention of a vampire came in 1734.

Vampires can also run up to 200 miles per hour. I think it's be pretty cool to be a vampire.
The origin is werewolves can vary depending on who you ask.

Many "so-called" werewolves were serial killers, going on rampages killing anyone in sight. Two people came forward to claiming to have an ointment that could turn them into wolves. They confessed to brutally killing multiple children and were both burned at the stake.

Many people use these mythical creatures to explain the unexplainable but there is no scientifical evidence behind it.
You shouldn't have to worry about coming across any of these Folk Legends.

Vampires and werewolves are each others enemies. As long as you don't appear like the other, you should be all safe and sound.

Werewolves are big wolfs that turn angry at the sight of a blue moon.

Vampires are immortals with fangs that have a chance to possibly turn you into one too. But wouldn't that be so cool? To be able to turn into a bat and fly all over the world.

But there is nothing to be scared of.

Imagine werewolves as a house puppy and vampires as a pet bird.