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(copy) (copy) Teacher Exemplar-23-24 M3U3 EOU

by Odin Hamby


My Pollinator
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Type your name here: Obin hamby
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Introduce your fruit, vegetable or flower.........Note Card 1
Apple trees are important to me because I can drink the nectar from it. 
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Name it and share an interesting fact or why it is important
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Reveal Your Pollinator.......Note Card 2
The secret behind the beetle

is their fuzzy bodies!

This is how beetles help the growth of a apple.
Comic Panel 1
Describe how the pollinator's body collects at the flower
The long tongue of a beetle collects nectar and pollen from the flawrs.
Insert a picture (s) of your pollinator here
Describe why the pollinator goes to the plant.
Describe how the pollinator moves pollen to the new flower.
Comic Panel 2
The beetle moves the pollen to a new flower by carrying it.
Comic Panel 3
Here you see beetl drinking nectar from flowers.
Comic Panel 4
Comic Panel 5
My beetle goes to the plant to collect nectar and pollen.
Connect the Pollination Process With Your Fruit, Vegetable or Flower Again....Note Card 4
This is how beetles helps plants grow and create new flowers.
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