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by Ava Herbert Thompson


Ava Herbert - Thompson
Crystals facts
Crystals are split up into group depending on what the atom is.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Topic Description
Chapter 2: Rock Cycle
Chapter 3: Plate Tectonics
Chapter 4: Geologic Time
Chapter 5: Earth as a system
Chapter 6: Importance to Society
"They are made from magma"
Chapter 7: Control and use
How are crystals made?
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Chapter 1: Crystal Description
A crystal is something that forms a layer from the core of the earth and sometimes it forms in caves depending on the atom in the crystal. A crystal is formed into groups also based on their atoms a crystal atom is important to a crystal as it helps tell you which crystal is in what group.Scientist found out where crystals originated and it was said to come from South Africa.
Chapter 2: Rock Cycle
Crystals are created by the rock cycle. Crystals form when liquid rocks, called Magma, cools and starts to harden. This is connected to the rock cycle because the rock cycle begins when a volcano erupts and releases Magma. The Magma then turns into igneous rocks when it cools. All crystals are a type of Igneous rock. Therefore, crystals are created by the rock cycle.
Chapter 3: Plate Tectonics
Alfred Wegner came up with the theory of plates tectonics. The theory states that the Earth crust is made up of several large plates that move very slowly over time. Alfred believed that a continent can move across an ocean over time. This is called continental drift. The movement of plates can cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains. Crystals are most likely to be located near the convergent boundary.
Alfred Wegner: Looked like this
Chapter 4: Geologic Time
Precambrian Mesozoic
Paleozoic Cenozoic

These periods of time are mostly important because in the Paleozoic/Cenozoic volcanoes erupted around this time period.
This is what the Era/Eon times were.