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Tokri ( The Basket )

by Tridha Sarkar


tokri ( the basket )
By Tridha Sarkar
Once there lived a poor girl with her parents. Her mother used to weave baskets for additional income. When her mother sat making baskets she used to accompany her mother.
One midnight she saw her father opening a box and holding a pocket clock. The next day when she checked, she saw a photo with a pocket clock. It was a reward to his father. While the clock was in her hand, suddenly a cat shocked her and the clock fell from her hand and broke.
She felt nervous. She thought now what should she do? She wrapped it around a cloth and kept it inside the box. That night when her father came home and opened the box, he found his clock broken. By seeing this he felt very sad and seeing his sadness the girl also became sad.
The next day, while she was getting ready for school she saw some incomplete baskets lying on the floor. She thought of an idea and sat completing the baskets. she also made some new baskets. Once they were ready. she went to the main road to sell them.
But no one bought baskets from her. She tried a lot but nobody had interest............... At night she saw a man in a car and she lost in her dreams. She was dreaming that the man has bought the baskets and gave her some rupees and dropped her in a clock repairing store. When she gave the repaired clock to her father he was very very vey happy..............
But in reality the man slapped her and destroyed all her baskets under the wheels of his car. She became sad and lost all hopes. She sat in the street till late night, when suddenly her father came and hugged her with happiness......
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