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places in my town which are away from the tourist

by Nicoleta Ungureanu

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Three places in my town which are away from the tourist centres .
In my town Tiraspol there is a beautiful embankament across the Nistru River, most tourist don’t know about it, but there you can walk and see the sunsets and sunrises, you can take the best photoes in good light . It’s really quiet and beautiful place , there aren’t cafes, shops , because of this I like it, there you can see the beauty of nature.
The next place is a park called “airplane”, there is a monument to an old airplane , it’s a very beautiful place, there are always a lot of birds and there you can find great street food and tasty tea and cofee’.
The third place is called “Youth”this is very beautiful café with green walls , with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere mostly only locals come here to have fun and eat something.
Why do I like it ? my answer is simple these places are empty , there are no crowds , you can walk and enjoy life. 
Thanks for listening to me !

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