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Our New School Pets

by Diana Byriel


Our New School Pets
This is Pebbles.
This is Sandy.
Pebbles and Sandy are guinea pigs. They have come to live at our school.
Pebbles and Sandy live in the Tinker Lab.
Everyone in our school can visit them, pet them, and help care for them.
Our school pets will depend on us for many things.
They need a safe, warm place to live. This is their cage in the Tinker Lab. Our guinea pigs feel safe in their cage. You can come visit them when you are with an adult. Listen closely and you might hear the funny noises they make.
Pebbles and Sandy need care every day.
It is a big responsibility to care for a pet.
Would you like to help feed our pets sometime?
They need food to eat and hay to nibble.
They need fresh water in their drinking bottle.