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by Frida G


By Frida Glennie
Nepal is located in Asia ,It has a population of almost 30 million people[2020] . The capital city is kathmandu. The most spoken language is  Nepali.The most common religion is hinduism.

 Nepal is located in Asia.Nepal's Geography is tarai or flat river plain in the south ,central hill region and rugged himalayas in the north
What is the weather like in nepal
In the north there are severe winters and in the south there are subtropical summers
The main attractions in  nepal are the huge stupa ,the maya devi temple and the changu narayan
What food is eaten in nepal
The food eaten in nepal is rice ,dumplings,potatoes (aloo)and much more
Rice, roti (flatbreads) and dhedo (stiff boiled flour porridge) are common staple foods in Nepal.
Daal bhat: rice dish with lentil stew. 'Daal' means lentils and 'bhat' means boiled rice.
Nepali food uses similar spices as the Indian cuisine such as cumin and coriander but is less spicy than Indian food. and some ingredients that are also used in Chinese cuisine such as bamboo shoots.
Many Nepali dishes are vegetarian and do not use meat. Meat dishes are made with chicken, pork, mutton and water buffalo as cows are not slaughtered as they are considered sacred animals in Nepal.
Chatamari: the thin pancake is a common snack and looks similar to a small thin pizza. Chatamari is made with rice flour and topped with chopped onions and vegetables, minced meat, egg and different spices.
Momos: steamed dumplings filled with minced meat, onions, garlic, ginger, cabbage and spices. Served with a spicy sauce called achar. Momos are a popular fast food or street food.

Sel Roti: similar to a doughnut, but in a thinner ring shape - usually served during festivals and celebrations
Aloo Tama: potato stew with bamboo shoots
Gundruk: green leafy vegetables that are pickled and served as accompaniment with many curries  
Nepalis tend to eat two main meals, the morning meal at around seven o’clock and another meal in the evening meal around seven or eight o’clock, but snacks are eaten throughout the day
Pustakari: sugary sweets made with coconut, dates and peanuts