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The Splash - Autumn Term 2 2022

by Steph Smeeth


The Splash!
Bude Primary Academy Junior's
Celebration Bulletin
Autumn 2 - Tuesday 1st November to Friday 16th December 2022
Mrs Robinson's Round Up For 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

This has been another busy and sometimes very challenging term. Covid is still very much making its presence felt and we are definitely feeling the affects of everyone mixing properly for the first winter in a few years.

Schools in general are struggling with staffing absence, recruitment, and retention of staff. Bude is a wonderful place to live and work but its location can sometimes be an additional barrier to securing supply staff when needed. I want to thank our teachers, TAs, pastoral team and admin staff who have been so flexible in filling in for absence and taking on extra responsibilities when required. Their team effort is remarkable and something to be celebrated.

I wanted to thank all of you who have supported us this term and please be assured that the kind words really do make a difference.

I do not know what challenges 2023 will bring but I know by working together we can do the best for our children. We have lots of exciting events planned and are really determined to ensure pupils at Bude Primary Academy - Juniors have a range of experiences and the opportunities to celebrate the things they excel at.

We will be focusing on resilience (which is one of our learning behaviours) and asking for your contribution in defining what this looks like for pupils and what we can teach them to develop this key behaviour.

Whilst the children are formally assessed on reading writing and maths, the skills of resilience, independence, reflection, curiosity, and collaboration are fundamental for any future career. We do not really know what jobs there will be by the time our year 3s seek employment, but we do know if we equip them with the above skills they can be successful whatever path they choose.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 3rd January 2023!
School House Event
Extra wow!
On Thursday we held our first house event of this year! Each house had to create a contraption to protect a water balloon from popping when dropped from height.

All of our house captains were absolutely fantastic! They organised the event, including the advertisement and assemblies and then led a group each on the day.  
Points were awarded for water balloons that do not pop and also the design of the contraption.  
All of the children were fully engaged for the morning and almost burst with excitement when it was time to test their creations. Mr Hodge dropped each creation from the top of a ladder in the small playground – some creations dropped with a huge bang whereas other seemed to glide gently down. Out of 16 balloons, only 5 didn’t make the drop!