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HS & Bs is High-school & Boys

by Anna D.


written by: Anna de Haan
HS & Bs
Saturday October 7 2029
Dear Diary,
Hello I'm Abigail harbor Aldrich
I am 15 years old and my best friend is Annie Heartmore Dunge. and so oh my dad is yelling again got to get my younger brother before my dad murders him (even though I kind of want him too)!
Tuesday October 10
Dear Diary
I just got a call from Annie and it made me cry and make me want to make things right. okay so,
Annie said...
SHE IS IN LOVE with my BROTHER Max! Worst news she accidentally made a fool of herself! :( bye diary I need to go over there bye! Abby
Wednesday October 11
Dear diary,
let's get into my family sooooooooo,
I have a younger brother named Sam and he's 5 and then there's me and luke and we are 15 then Max at 17 and he's a guitarist and then mark at 19 and then Liam at age 27 and my dad (my mom passed away giving birth to Sam) so yeah that's basically it!

P. S. I put pictures of them on the next page in you Diary.
My current family
Mark 19
Max 17
Liam 27
Dad 50 (looks good for 50 (probably because he originaly has white hair))
sam 5
luke my twin 15
Liam's Family
zach 3
Sarah 27 (liam's wife)
mae 5 (my niece)
Monday October 12
Dear diary
max is missing!
he didn't come to dinner and so my dad checked on him and he was not in his room or any where else in the house I don't know what happened but he's gone :( I'm SO worried but anyway time for school
Monday October 12 (part 2)
wow I was scared turns out he forgot to tell us about band practice yikes he's grounded FOR LIFE you know how I found out?
He was in the hallway today and he drove me home to so thank goooooooodddddnnnneeeesss!

P.S. two boys cornered me during recess and tried asking me out. (Of course I said no!) :( )

P.P.S. I'm worried about those boys, but I don't know why.