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7A OLQA 2023-2024

by Olivia Scagliotti


Olivia Scagliotti's Open House Portfolio
In religion I made an I Am poster. We made it of three things that we thought we were. I liked this project because it didn't take long to do and it was fun. In religion we also do a journal every day that asks you different questions you can reflect on.
In history, we learned about different ancient empires. We learned about the arabian peninsula, muslim empires, Chinese empires, and more. We will watch edpuzzles, read the textbook, do study guides and do SQP4R. We also learned about the muslim ways of life and made a video project on it.
Here is the link:
In math we learned about inequalities, equations, ratios, and algebraic equations. We also do different activities like digital worksheets, work in groups, and and sometimes do centers. We took a quiz on inequalities and I am really proud of the grade I got.
In ELA, we are learning about gothic literature, reading short stories, grammar, and we did some writing essays. I made a poem from the story Sam Mcgee we read. I also made an oil pastel background of the sunset with it. It's hanging up in Ms.Reinoso's room.
In science we did lots of expierements. We dicected a strawberry, boiled water, and did other expierements with chemicals. We also take notes, do worksheets, and read from the textbook. We learned about parts of a flower, cells, genetics, and other things.