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by Lakhi Daniels


Lakhi Daniels Portfolio 2020
Neighborhood Studios: Write to the Point 2020
About the Author
Hi, I am a poet who likes to pivot my written work around nature ,and my journey through middlechool as a preteenager struggling to find my own identity.  Writing can be very therapeutic. Being a poet has helped me voice my opinions and speak on topics I don’t feel comfortable speaking out loud. Growing up in the arts, writing and performing pieces has helped me improve my speech and thoughts. Feeling more confident in my voice. Even though my work is often personal I want the people who read my work to often relate. To feel as though we are not alone in whatever struggle or achievement we may face.

My name is Lakhi Daniels. I am 16 and a rising sophomore in high school. I go to Pathways: Academy of Technology and Design. I find interest in the engineering and manufacture profession, as well as writing poetry. I enjoy my company of friends and family.
I am an ambivert, I am very outgoing within a tight group of people I know. 
Finding a partner isn’t easy, nor is losing them.
But come time and time again,
you will win and lose some.
I was a 6th grader, though it sounds like I was young,
I was only just getting older.
I was making decisions.
Some of those decisions had bad outcomes others,
were great. 
This was a time of change, yes.
 I changed for good.
The smell of pre-packaged pizza 
and chocolate milk.
Collective chattering filled the room.
A sea of dark blue round tables littered the hall.
Sat me. 
With a group of guys.
This was the group I followed.
I guess I felt cool around them.

Yes, they got me in loads of trouble. 
But hey it was all fun and games, right?
We sat at the round table closest to the exit.
Did anything u here the typical teen b

Make vulgar noises, talk about girls
what have you.
The small guy 
right next to me.
Short brown hair, brown eyes, and small black glasses.
Pipes up.
“Hey who do you like in this school”.
The usual I need to know,  topic.
My mind was lowkey racing trying to find any girl name 
instead blurted a name out.
Someone the same sex as mine.
Someone who I didn’t think could 
love me back.
As soon as those words fell out,
a storm of laughter.
My face is red.

Word spread like wildfire,
always thinking it would stop,
no water was able to put out this embarrassment.
Time flew out of lunch, 
flew out of math,
and out of chorus.
Everything stopped,
but it never truly
I'm done, I feel tired.
In this class 
I sit at my desk thinking, 
a pencil in my hand and a 
30-page packet
blank and untouched.
 School isn’t what it used to be.
Engaging and hands-on. 
Never getting the classes you actually want.
“Sorry You tested below grade level last year”
“Your score said this. I suggest these classes”.
My motivation was lost,
my agitation gained —
Beginning to fail. 
The look of disappointment 
became natural to my mom.
Long nights of crying, yelling, and paper and pencils.
Tear soaked paper,
and 11 pm bedtimes.
It was time for a change.
Switched schools.
Said my goodbyes.
I’ll see them again someday, 
but I needed a school that I could benefit from.

Funny how much a person can change. 
A bully becomes a best friend.
A best friend 
can become an enemy.
Seeing the change in someone. 
Hearing their minds grow. 
Finding someone again who caused you pain.
Come back to say sorry.
Tells me how much better he’s doing,
asks me if I’m doing all right.
Listens to my achievements. 
It felt like I found a lost friend. 
We were friends at one point.
Feeling bad for how he thought, how he reacted.
I'm happy he came back.
He found me again.
To say hi.
To break my grudge,
my anger.
I am happy.