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The Pollution Solution

by Giannah Davila


The Pollution Solution
Giannah Davila
Three girls named Bella, Brianna, and Lily went to the beach to clean up the ocean. First, they had to wake up at 6:30 to pack up their snacks, their umbrella, and their towels. The drive to the beach was so long because the beach was two hours away.
Next, when they arrived at the beach they noticed that there was so much garbage in the sea and sand and they knew they had to do something to clean it up. So they built a net to clean up the trash and it worked!
Then, when the ocean was cleaned they went in the water for a swim. Finally, they went back home and they were super super tired!
Pollution is very bad and I hope no one pollutes the ocean and helps keep it clean.
The End!
Made by: Giannah Davila

Illustrated by: Giannah Davila

Author: Giannah Davila