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Biography of Bessie Coleman

by Riley T

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The Biography of Bessie Coleman
By Riley Tain
Bessie Coleman was one of the first female African American pilots.She was born in January 26,1892, in Atlanta, Texas. Bessie Coleman was one of 13 children and didn’t have a lot of money.
Early Life
Bessie Coaleman’s early life was hard. Bessie picked cotton and washed clothes to support her family and worked hard to get money. She went to college but didn’t finish it.
Life's Work
Bessie’s life’s work was hard. Bessie wanted to be a pilot but people didn’t allow it because she was black. A man convinced her to go to France so she moved there. She got her pilot’s licenses and returned to the U. S. A.
Later Years
Bessie flew in airplane shows and hoped to open a flight school. Bessie wouldn’t perform where black people were treated unfairly. In 1926 Bessie died in a airplane crash.
Bessie Coleman made many contributions. She showed people that both black people and women could be pilots too. In 1929 a flight school opened just for her. And still inspires women and black people today.
How Would the World Be Different?
If she was never born black women would still not be aloud to flight schools.
Bessie Coleman was an amazing African American hero because she was the first black women to be a pilot. We can remember her great accomplishments. She is an inspiration to all people.