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Rainbow Quest: Three Siblings' Adventure

by Terri Goliath


Rainbow Quest: Three Siblings' Adventure
Rainbow Quest:
Three Siblings' Adventure

Terri-Ann Goliath

Illustrations by
Once upon a sunny day in a cozy little town, there were three siblings named Tylei, Raul, and Rhaya.

Tylei, the oldest at eight years old, was a super creative and kind big sister. Raul, the curious two-year-old boy, was always full of giggles and fun. Rhaya, the youngest at just one year old, was sweet and loved joining in her siblings' games.

These three were not only family but also the best of friends.
One afternoon, as they played in their backyard, a sudden shower of rain brought with it a magnificent rainbow across the sky. The colors were so bright and beautiful that Tylei's eyes sparkled with wonder, and she had a magical idea.

"Look, Raul, Rhaya! Do you see that colorful bridge in the sky?" Tylei said, pointing at the rainbow.

"It's so pretty, Tylei!" Raul exclaimed, clapping his hands.

"I like all the colors," Rhaya added, her eyes wide with excitement.

Tylei told them, "They say that at the end of a rainbow, there's a pot of gold for whoever can find it!"