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Chapter (1)
A love note to self is a reminder to love yourself no matter what.

Since you have to be with yourself, live with yourself and it’s essential that you must enjoy the company! would you love to live or be with someone who keeps on criticizing you, bullying you, or laughing at you, who does not trust or love you? A BIG NO, right?
Then how can you live with you with all those self-criticisms, negative self-talk, and self-sabotaging? You must live with someone whom you cherish, someone with whom you can be yourself and enjoy the company.

It goes the same when it comes to you, the self. You choose yourself, You choose this physical form and therefore, you have to enjoy hanging out with yourself. But for these you have to work on yourself, you have to practice Self-Love and Self-Improvement

The human mind is very to manipulate and it has its weakness as well as strength. Negativity and weakness are easy to grasp, but we can conquer these by practicing self-love and by watering its strong part avoiding the stressful weak part; with every day positive self-talk and love.
Chapter (2)
Consistent positive self-talk is unquestionably one of the greatest gifts to one’s subconscious mind – Edmond Mbiaka
Therefore, start having a conversation with yourself everyday, admire yourself. These self-love notes will help you to acquire a positive mindset and to love yourself more in any situation. Make it a habit.
Chapter (3)
A love note to self #03
Dear Self,
You cannot control how other people will receive your energy, your words or actions.
You do not know what they are going through at that moment. Everything they are receivng are according to their own energy. Which are getting filtered through the lenses of their circumtances at that very moment. 
Therefore, do your work, never judge but be yourslef always. Listen to your inner being and then nothing can be wrong. When you ask for guidance you will receive it. Know that what you think is right at that moment. Have faith and believe in yourself. Always ask your Angel/Universe/God to show the right path. And flow freely with your life.
I believe in you and I value you. Keep growing and keep learning.
You are doing great my love!
I trust you
                                With love,