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Miss K's Kindergarten: Our New Friend

by Kayla Bolen


Miss K's Kindergarten: Our New Friend

Written by: Kayla Bolen
Graphics by: Bitmoji
The class was buzzing with excitement as they watched Miss K prepare new materials and write out a nametag for a new student! "Kneely?!" one child shouted as they saw the new labels throughout the room. "No, Nelly. Nelly will be a new friend joining our class today."
The children chatted to each other as Ms. K finished up her task. "I wonder if she's nice?" one said. "I wonder if she's scary!" Another said aloud. Miss K spoke to the class, "Nelly may be wondering the same about all of you. We should remember to be extra kind to her in case she is afraid on her first day with us." There was a knock at the door she walked toward the classroom door.
A girl and her dad stood at the classroom door. The girl looked upset like she had been crying. Ms. K talked to the dad at the classroom door while the children worked In their morning centers. "This is Nelly," he shared "she is not having the best morning. She wants to stay home, she is afraid the other children will be mean to her."
Ms. K told Nelly's dad not to worry and she walked Nelly into the classroom. "Class, meet Nelly!" Ms. K shared with her class how Nelly was feeling today. Then she asked everyone to remember how they felt on their first day at school.
I was afraid!
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Each child introduced themselves and shared that they were nervous when they first started school this year, too. "I tried to hide under my bed," one friend shared. "I was afraid it would be too hard!" another told the class.