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Flat Kevin

by Hannah King


The Adventures of Flat Kevin:
The Adventures of Flat Kevin:
Exploring Milledgeville
Exploring Milledgeville
Chapter 1: Kevin Goes to College
Hello, my name is Flat Kevin!
It's actually just Kevin, but I
make sure to include flat so
my friends don't confuse me
with 3D Kevin. I like to go on
adventures and explore new
Kevin's first college class!
I love to learn, especially about
especially about history, and I love gaining new
experiences. My newest adventure has brought me to
Milledgeville, Georgia or to be more specific, GCSU! I am
so excited because I am currently sitting in on my first
college class!!!! I am SO excited to learn!
Kevin Goes to College
My first day of college
was nothing like I had
ever imagined... It was
a 1000 times better!!! I
met so many new
people, learned about
creativity, and how it can
be implemented in the
class. Can you tell what
scene we created using
household objects? Who
knew cotton balls had
so many uses?!
Chapter 2: Exploring Campus
GCSU front campus
After class, I saw an opportunity to explore the campus. I
stopped at every sign I saw and read about the rich
history of the campus. Turns out that GCSU was a
women's college up until 1967 when it was renamed from
Women's College of Georgia to Georgia College at
Chapter 3: Out on the Town
I had so much fun reading the landmark signs on campus,
that I decided to stroll to the downtown area to find more!
I learned that in the 1800s Milledgeville acted as the capitol
of Georgia for 64 years until it was moved to Atlanta, the
current capitol.
Visiting Lockerly Arboretum
After reading an interesting poster downtown, I decided to

head to Lockerly Arboretum. I was pleased to learn that
the arboretum offers many educational opportunities for
young minds. The creator, Edward J. Grassmann, mandated
that the facility offered educational support for students
in botany, habitats and natural sciences.