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by Naomi Manthe & Mariah Bush


By Mariah and Naomi
To my family for no matter how annoying or mean I am, they always stick with me!

- Naomi Manthe
This book is dedicated to my dog because no matter what my dog will be there and is always happy to see me!

Mariah bush
Once upon a time, there was a water droplet named Wanda. This water droplet was living her best life, until her city was separated by a huge wave and she was stranded all by herself.
Wanda saw a big tail swoosh out of the water and Wanda thought that looked fun and wanted to try! Wanda made her way over to the whale to try it out. It looked like the roller coaster back at her home!
The whales tale came closer and closer as Wanda swam as fast as she could, when finally she came to the whales tale and it was so much bigger than she thought.
The whales tale swooshed up and instead of flying into the air like she wanted to she swooshed down his tale and into the a dark whole and was blasted out into the air.