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by Anya Tandon


A haunted house.
A witch.
Table of Contents
C.1 Decorations.
C.2 Pumpkins and Carving.
C.3 Costumes.
C.4 Masks.
C.5 Candy.
C.6 Trick or Treating.
C.7 Spending Time With Your Family.
C.8 Fun Facts.
Halloween is an awesome time of the year! On Halloween you go Trick or Treating and get candy. You get costumes too. Read on to find out more about decorations, pumpkins and carving, costumes, masks, candy, trick or treating, spending time with your family, and fun facts about Halloween.
Chapter One.
Have you ever wondered what decorations to use? If you want
to know some, this chapter will tell you a few things. I won't name all of the decorations, but I will name some. There are a lot of decorations you can use. One decoration you can use is a banner. You can use a lot of banners, but I would either use one or two. You can hang you banners inside or you can hang them outside. Another decoration you can use is a strip of lights. They can light up your house and make it look pretty. You can use as many lights as you want. A third decoration you can use is an inflatable decoration. If you use one, it will look 3D. You can use as many as you want.
Let me tell you what colors you can use. You can use a lot of colors
for your decorations, but I am only going to name the most common ones. The most common ones are orange, black, purple, yellow, green, and white. Those are the ones I use. Those are the most common colors because they are bright and bold.
Have you ever wondered how to up your decorations? I might be
able to solve that problem. Want to know how. It is pretty simple. Here is how I am going to do it. First, you will need a ladder, strong tape or hooks, and of course your decorations. All you have to do is take you decorations and tape or hook them to a wall.
Have you ever wondered where to put your decorations. Well, guess what. I can tell you where to put your decorations. You don't have to use my advice but you can if you want to you can use my advice. If I were you I would hang my decorations outside. The reason I would do that is so people can see my decorations. If you don't want people to see your decorations, then you should hang your decorations in a part outside your house where people can't see your decorations. You can look back to my previous chapter to see how to put up your decorations.