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by Dante Cosme


Earthquakes by: Dante
chapter 1
earthquake description
An earthquake is a violent and abrupt shaking of the ground, caused by movement between tectonic plates along a fault line in the earth's crust. Earthquakes can result in the ground shaking, soil liquefaction, landslides, fissures, avalanches, fires and tsunamis.

chapter 2 rock cycle
The rock cycle describes the processes through which the three main rock types (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) transform from one type into another.
Earthquakes shake and volcanoes erupt. Sections of the crust are on the move. Mountains push up and wear down. These and many other processes contribute to the rock cycle, which makes and changes rocks on or below the Earth's surface
soild rock
the crust goes with the mantle because if a rock crashes the crust shakes which is making an earthquake
if a rock crashes in the mantle it causes an earthquake
liquid iron
liquid iron and nickle
chapter 3 plate tectonics
Earthquakes occur along fault lines, cracks in Earth's crust where tectonic plates meet. They occur where plates are subducting, spreading, slipping, or colliding. As the plates grind together, they get stuck and pressure builds up. Finally, the pressure between the plates is so great that they break loose.
chapter 4
Earthquakes take place in the cenozoic time line because Earthquakes as the continents continue to move

chapter 5 earths systems
My topic Earthquakes next to the geosphere .geosphere is made of Rock my topic connects to the earthquakes because an earthquake Can Happen by two rocks crashing into each other for this reason the vibration crashes into each other making an earthquake.