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The Animal Airlines

by Patrick


Animal Airlines
One day there was a boy who went on Animal Airlines , when he noticed nobody else was on the plane .
However, he didn’t care and sat down anyway. Once they took off, the waitress came out but something wasn’t right. It was a Ram! Now the boy knew why no one else was on the plane.
 He went to see who the captain was.To his surprise it was a lion! And then there was a loud beeping sound as if the plane was going out of control. I went to get a parachute and there was another ram! It seemed like it was trying to tell me something when I remembered I had an animal translator or for short 'anilator'.
So that I could understand the animals on the plane. I asked where the parachutes were ? He said we don't have parachutes. What do we do then? This plane is about to drop! Wait, said the ram, splash!
I went to ask the captain what happened and he said we ran out of fuel. We were on a strange island. The boy said to the animals to stay there while he checked the island for food, water or fuel.
 As he walked through the jungle he found a tribe who would give him a legendary coconut if he defeated the basilisk
so they would have safe passage through its land to the other end of the island. Well also give them a life supply of food. So that night he went out to find the basilisk as he climbed a tree. He saw the beast it was way too dangerous to fight. He had to set a trap! But what sort of trap he thought of it he would set animals then a rope would come down and trap the basilisk. That morning the trap was ready. Now all he had to do was wait then, he heard the basilisk coming towards him and boom it was caught in the trap. Then he took the villagers to the beast and got the golden coconut and took it back to the plane. He asked the captain if we could use it as fuel as it is worth a shot and it worked and they got home safely.