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by Vladislav Rusu


My favorite Country
I.P Gymnasium Gribova
Discipline Enghlish
Elaborated by Rusu Vladislav
Teacher:Cojocaru Ludmila
U.S.A meaning United States of America is one of the best countrys in the world, it has an extremely good economy,
and a lot of good food. Some of the food in America that is extremely delicious and traditional for the people of America is : The apple pie, Hamburger,Texas Barbecue.
The apple pie is known for its sweet taste and for its juice of the apple, The hamburger is one of the traditional dishes because it was created by them,and the texas barbecue is a lot of diverse meat that is seasoned.This is their favorite food becouse everbody has a different taste in food and its based off their nationality.
Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, and Fourth of July traditions have been around for hundreds of years. Customs surrounding the presidency, such as the turkey pardoning, are also some of America's oldest. The United States also has some stranger cultural institutions, like competitive-eating contests.
U.S.A has a lot of beautifull places like The Statue of Liberty that represents the Liberty of the country, another one of it being the badlands its one of the most relaxing places said by the americans: ,,The breeze of the air, and the Rime(Brumă) is making the air very clean, lots of people in this area can sleep up to 11 hours".I can tell from what i see that you can get a beautifull sunset , and the air is very clean since there are not lots of cars to poluate.
The U.S.A is situated on the continent of North America, is neighbours with Texas and Canada,has opening to the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean and the closest Golf is the Mexican Golf,it has 1 Mountain ,,Rocky,, and almost half of America is covered by them,and half is just plain fields.
The End