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what is school?

by KATE Avdasheva


school life
Avdasheva Ekaterina
group 110/2
the faculty of Foreign Languages
The content
1. The 1st chapter
what is school? what will I do there?
2. The 2nd chapter
What is uniform? What is uniform for?
3.The video is about school uniform
4. The 3rd chapter
5. School rules
6. The video is about school rules
7. The conclusion
The Chapter first
What is school? What will I do there?
Hello, my dear friend! You are going to school soon and you have to know some school rules that will be useful to you when you become a pupil.
Firstly, let's find out what school is. School is an educational instruction where children between the ages of 6 and 18 receive knowledge.
Every year you will grow up and get more and more new knowledge, you will learn to count, read, write and draw.
Besides it, you will have lessons such as physical education, drawing, music, technology and so on.
There are grades from the 1st to the 11th at school. You will get into the 1st grade, there are the youngest grade at school. You will have your own class where other children will study together with you. It's the best way to make freind.
You can look at the photo that was made at a school. it's like an example
How do pupils study at school?
the class at school
The Chapter second
What is uniform? What is uniform for?
You must not have worn a uniform in kindengarten but you will have to wear it at school.
What is uniform? A school uniform is a uniform worn by students mainly for school or other educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in different countries. An example of a uniform can be button-down shirts, trousers for boys and blouses, pleated skirts for girls, while both must be dressed in blazers.
School uniform helps pupils to be at the same level. Thanks to it you will never understand which a person is rich or poor. It helps children to communicate and feel confident.