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Going Coastal 2023

by PLP 8


Oregon field journal
The route
Replace this box with a map shows Vancouver to Newport, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
I am super excited to go to high life because i have only zip lined once and I get to do it with my friends!
Rounded Rectangle
I am excited to see wolves because I’ve never seen them before and they are cool animals.
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Oregon day 1
Travelling South with a stop at Cabela's!
I like this video because I timelapsed  us driving over this bridge. It was cool because I had never gone on sutch a long bridge and I spotted a huge sealion!
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This was kinda sad but cool
The Astoria Column
The Astoria Column is 125 feet tall and is covered on the outside by a freeze that depicts a drawing or painting in diffrent panels to create a story.
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Draw here your own frieze representing a scene from your life. Then add a title on top of the shape! Try to draw something that you think has added to your worldview.
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Here is my freeze!