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By Siti Fatimah, S.Pd.
SMP Negeri 1 Sukodono
Cristiano Ronaldo
His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. We can call him as Ronaldo. But, Madridista (Real Madrid's fans) often calls him CR7. CR is the abreaviation of Cristiano Ronaldo, and 7 is his shirt number when playing for both Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal on 5 February 1985. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous footballer. He is from Portugal, a country in Europe. Before playing for Real Madrid, he has played for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United.

People knows Cristiano Ronaldo is a good football player. He can run fast and dribble well. As a striker, he becomes a goal getter for Manchester United and Real Madrid along his career. He can get more than 30 goals every season.
My room

My room is in second floor, next to my big sister’s room. My room is painted light grey. There is big bed inside my room where I sleep every day. I put some pictures on my desk. There are my family picture, my picture with my friends, and my pictures with my pet, Luna, a persian cat. I also have drawers where I put all my clothes inside. My room is not big, but it is the best place in my house for me (description).
Descriptive Text Tentang Hewan Peliharaan
On my seventeen birthday, my dad gave me a kitten. One thing that I wanted for a long time ago. I named her Kelly. My dad adopted her from a shelter. Once she received my house, she was fragile and little as a bottle. But now, she has full-grown to be a white lovely cat. She chows and exercises well. Her fur grows thick and soft. Kelly may be a charming cat and we’ll continuously watch out for her. 
Descriptive Text tentang Makanan
Fried rice is a typical Indonesian food. Fried rice is a very popular food. The ingredients for making fried rice are rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, and other seasonings. Everyone loves fried rice. Fried rice is very good. Initially, fried rice came from China. Fried rice has been around since 4000 BC.
Descriptive text 
adalah teks yang bertujuan menjelaskan, menggambarkan, atau mendeskripsikan sesuatu. Sesuatu ini bentuknya bisa berupa apa saja, baik itu hewan, benda, lokasi, dan lain sebagainya
B. Purpose of Descriptive Text
( Tujuan )
– To describe person, thing or place in specific.
( menjelaskan ciri ciri fisik benda atau tempat tertentu/khusus)
– To describe a particular person, thing or place.
C, Generic Structure

1. Identification
Bagian ini, terletak pada paragraf pertama, tujuannya adalah untuk mengidentifikasi suatu objek yang ingin dideskripsikan. Indentification berfungsi untuk memperkenalkan kepada pembaca tentang objek yang akan kita jelaskan, sebelum kita memberitahu tentang lebih rinci mengenai objek tersebut pada paragraf selanjutnya.

2. Description
Bagian ini, terletak pada paragraf kedua dan seterusnya, berisi tentang sifat-sifat yang melekat pada sesuatu yang sudah kamu kenalkan pada pembaca pada paragraf pertama.
D. Language Feature ( ciri kebahasaan)

– Specific participant : has a certain object, is not common and unique (only one). for example: Bandengan beach, my house, Borobudur temple, uncle Jim
– The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun, for example: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place in Jepara, etc.
– The use of simple present tense: The sentence pattern used is simple present because it tells the fact of the object described.
– Action verb: verbs that show an activity (for example, run, sleep, walk, cut etc.)

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