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Memes, Me & Making a Difference

by DCE Student Team


Memes, Me & Making a Difference.
Digital Trends, Identity & Citizenship

Memes, Me & Making a Difference. Digital Trends, Identity & Citizenship

June 2023

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München

This project was part of the course ‘Digital Education in the Foreign Language Classroom’

Participants: Elisa Agaj, Niklas Braun, Ronja Frey, Tobias Krieber, Daniela Mauerkirchner, Franciska Nagy, Laura Recknagel, Maximilian Reichert, Judith Schneider, Elisabeth Seif, Marian Unmuß, Jonas Witt, Lucas Wörl, Thomas Wüsthoff

Project supervision: Dr. Petra Rauschert

Cover design: Elisa Agaj (using AI Midjourney)

Layout: Judith Schneider



Project Group

Memes, Me & Making a Difference
Selfie Stats (Ronja Frey)
Unmasking Unrealities: The Deceptive Side of Social Media (Daniela Mauerkirchner)
LGBTQ+ Hate Speech on Social Media (Laura Recknagel)
LGBTQ+ Hate Speech on Social Media (Elisabeth Seif)
Toxic Behaviour in Gaming (Niklas Braun)
Toxicity in Video Games (Tobias Krieber)
Hate against climate activists (Jonas Witt)
Is it possible that social media is shaping our identity a lot more than we think? (Franciska Nagy)
The Dark Side of Reality TV (Elisa Agaj)
Feminism and Men (Thomas Wüsthoff)
Harrassment Online (Maximilian Reichert)
Memes and depression: More than just a coping mechanism? (Marian Unmuß)
Andrew Tate and his dangerous influence on young men (Lucas Wörl)
Problematic Beauty Cults and the Influence of the Kardashian Family (Judith Schneider)

While the digital has become omnipresent, digital citizenship education in the foreign language classroom is a recent development. This book comprises products that were created in a university course entitled ‘Digital Education in the Foreign Language Classroom’ in the summer semester 2023 at the University of Munich. Our starting point was the large amount of hate speech, fake news and negativity online. We conducted research to identify these issues and critically reflected on how this negativity impacts our lives, our personalities and, possibly, entire generations. In the sense of digital citizenship education, our goal was then to counteract this negativity, spread hope, positive news and solutions and so make a difference. The memes we developed for this purpose address problems related to the digital world but at the same time try to encourage people to be hopeful, positive and peaceful.

Enjoy our memes and spreading digital positivity,

Your LMU project team
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