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by Vojin Paunović


Hi! I'm Vojin.
And let me tell you a few things about me.
I was born on November 30th, 2010 in
This is me when I was a baby.
I live in small town called Cicevac.
I have one brother.
His name is Veljko.
I am the oldest child in my family.
This is me when I was three.
Woow my hair is very curly!
I live in a big family.

This is :
1. my father; mother; younger brother ;;
At the age of 8, I started to develop a passion for music. I really liked the show called 'Pink Stars, where I wanted to perform myself, but my shyness stopped me. Three years later , I finally gathered the confidence to ask my music teacher and ask her I she could tell me what my voice was like. After that, my teacher was delighed with my voice. And from that day on, I think my voice will be better than I expect.
I developed a desire for art only at 9th year after my first drawing.But it's not that i didin't I have gift for art . My favorite colors are orange and green:green beacuse it calms a person at first sight , and orange is a beautifull color for me.My favorite animals are:beaver,giraffe and a crocodile.
They are also have things that I don't like:

2.hypocrital people
3.false friends
This is my first drawing.