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New York was founded in 1624 by the Dutch, with the name of Nieuw Amsterdam; the first settlement was on the island of Manhattan. it was conquered by the British, who changed its name to New York.
Statue of Liberty it is a symbol of New York and the entire United States of America, one of the most important and well-known monuments in the world.
With its 93 meters of height (including the base), to reach the crown you have to climb 354 steps.
Central Park is the largest public park in the borough of Manhattan in New York CityInside the park there are lakes, two skating rinks, playgrounds for children, lawns used for sports and a zoo.
The Empire State Building is a skyscraper in the city of New York, located in Became one of the major symbols of the city, with its height of 443 meters it was the tallest building in the world
The Brooklyn Bridge is the first bridge built of steel and was for a long time the largest suspension bridge in the world. Crossing the East River, it connects the island of Manhattan and the borough of Brooklyn in New York.