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A Heister's Journey

by NOT me


A Heister's Journey
By Tudor Circiu
For my English teacher, for Otilia, for my parents for my best friend Sebi and for all who were with me along the way
With that said, let's get reading
Chapter One : The Night Before ( TNB )
As I am writing this I am a free man, after serving 50 years on parole in Foxtrot Correctional Facility. How did I get here you might wonder. Well, it all started, like any other good story, in the Lion's Den Casino, where I used to be both rich and bankrupt in the very same day. Although, this night was bound to be different. After 50 years I don't recall many details, but I sure remember getting up the next day with a sticky note on my forehead saying: "You owe us 3 million dollars, pay up by next month or you are dead". Next to the note was a handgun and 3 mags.
Either that gun was to make my job easier or to make theirs easier. I knew that I will be fighting for my life all the way to my last breath, so I choose to go on a heisting spree to hopefully regain my money. First I knew that this small peashooter would be useless so my first target was the Mendoza gang airstrip. The Mendoza gang were gunrunners, so I knew that if could hit them in the night of a transport I would get what I so desperately needed, maybe some extra guns too
The First Hit ( TFH )
Now, the plan was simple, the execution, not so much. First, let's do the setup tasks : 1- I needed a silencer for the pistol, going guns blazing was not the plan. This first step was easy as I made a makeshift silencer, using a plastic water bottle. It wasn't the best but at least I had something to work with
2- I was afraid of failure and death, one more than the other, this gang was power full, having a successfull hit with the few resources that I had was rather impossible.