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Issue 3

by Kyson Chronicles


Kyson Chronicles Issue 3
Spring 2022
What is new at Kyson?!
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Kyson has been extremely busy since our last edition of Kyson Chronicles. We hope that issue number three will give you an insight into all the new updates from our school! We'll be telling you about news from our councils, reporting on clubs and special theme days.
- Meet our new team
- Red January
- Multi-skilled Kyson
- Kyson Clubs
- Language
- Library News
- World Book Day
- Children at the Heart of Change
- Kindness is...
- A letter from our journalists
Meet Our New Team
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Comic Panel 1
Hobbies: Violin, reading, SLEEPING, gaming and climbing
Favourite things: animals,food, books, rugby and basketball.
Favourite subjects: English and DT
I love animals and riddles
Hobbies: I love to draw and climb
My favourite subjects are DT and Art.
Questions you might want to ask me: Can you help me with maths?
Hi, I am Reide.
Hobbies: gaming, drawing, footie, reading , kuk sool won:)
My favourite subject: maths all the way! plus computing
Something interesting about me: I am almost a black belt in kuk sool won and I have 6 sisters.
Hello this is Henrik and my favourite hobbies are riding on the bike, riding on a scooter and playing football.
When I'm older I want to be a footballer, singer or actor.
My favourite subjects are PE, Maths, Science and History.
I love adventures!

Hobbies: violin, orchestra, holidays

Best subjects: Art and English

What I would like to do as my career:
I would like to be a vet.

Places I would like to visit: Germany, Paris and China
Meet Our New Team
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I am courageous!

Hobbies: I love to draw.

Questions you may want to ask me:
How do you use a computer?
What is a good and loving habitat for a bunny?
Red January
Do your best.
How Kyson banished Blue Monday with Red January!
Sneak peak!
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Red path
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Words by Henrik
Red January has been a month full of sport.

Mr Ward says, "Red January is an initiative which is nationwide and it helps people to feel good during January because traditionally January is a month where, after Christmas and after all the fun of festivities, it's a month where people just feel a bit cold and and maybe a little bit sad, so there is a way to warm everyone up and to do something fun and physical every day.

A friend who I went University with is the person who set up Red January, so I found it that way and I introduced it to the school because I thought it would be great for all the children to enjoy the benefits of keeping fit and active - not only their body but also their mind. Having a fit and healthy mind is so very, very important."

On Friday the 28th I was really happy because my favourite colour is red and I love running! On that day the whole school ran lots of laps of the mile dressed in our red clothes. Year 6 raced each other and we were going round and round and round! Children kindly brought in money to support the charity Sport in Mind.

Mr Ward says, "I'm so proud of the school and all their efforts. Every child really did their best and it's been so lovely to see everyone staying fit and healthy and spreading the message of Red January. Well done Kyson."
Not just for children...
Kyson has done a lot of sport during red January so we banished any blues. Doing our daily mile has got us energised and happy. But it isn't just the children running, all the staff have done something energetic, football, netball, and golf. Some Thursdays Mrs Fossett and Mr Ward have been spotted holding some basketball matches after school!

Lots of the staff have been joining in Red January in different ways. I asked Mr Fenelon what he has been doing.
"For Red January I decided to try to run 200 km, and managed to go over that by about 6 km. By the end of the January I felt pretty worn out. I did lots and lots of running and I even managed a personal best in my park run which I was chuffed about."
Rounders is our next Intra-sport event!
Football Match
Words by Ruby

Every class wrote pledges on a red sash and we put them all around the field along our mile path. Some classes have written good things to make you keep going like;


"Don't give up because you will just feel bad about it!"

"Keep going You CAN do it!"

Every day, two people in each class wore a sash and tried to run the most laps. The quotes definitely inspired them!
Words by George

On the 23rd of march our own Kyson football team went to a competition in Ipswich. 16 schools entered and only one team won. That team, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than our very own..... Kyson football team! Our star footballers are:
We are all very proud of our team and wish them luck in future matches.
Multi-Skilled Kyson!
We're multi-talented at multi-skills!
Multi-Skills Festival
Words by Elspeth
Over three mornings in February, Cam and Jules from Inspire Suffolk taught some of our year 5s how to run multi-sport sessions for younger children.
There are now 16 Year 5 teachers: Rose, Annabella, Lucy, Winston, Alfred, Paisley, Joshy, Frank, Harvey, Bella, Ellie, Hannah, Sebby and Nathan!

They tackled eight multi-skills: target throw, balance beam, bowling, speed bounce, shuttle run, ladder, dice game, and the switch run.
Bella (5W) said the the balance beam was definitely the children's favourite multi-skill.

Born Leaders
We interviewed a number of the year 5 children to find out about their experience.

KYSON CHRONICLES: What makes a good leader?'
Hannah, 5E: Encouraging the children.
Annabella, 5W: If they get stuck, encourage them to keep going!
Rose, 5W: If you have a teammate, encourage them to be positive.
Frank, 5W: It takes sportsmanship and responsibility.

KYSON CHRONICLES: What did you find the easiest when working with the other children?
Lucy, 5E: Once they got started they understood what they were meant to be doing.

KYSON CHRONICLES: What did you find the most challenging?
Winston, 5E: Sometimes they didn't understand that they were meant to keep going until the 30 seconds were up. We soon helped them understand.

Everyone had a fantastically fun day!
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Kyson Clubs
Tennis, Acrodance, Multisports, JUST42,Gymnastics AND MORE!
It’s club season again and there are lots of new ones to try!
Art Club
Words by Ruby
Mrs Richmond runs an art club for year 2 which they absolutely love! It’s a place where they can be creative!
Drama Club
Speed Stacking
Words by Ruby
Mrs Leabon runs the speed stacking club. Speed stacking is held on a Thursday in the library. Speed stacking is a game where you stack cups.

It’s the perfect place to challenge how determined you can be!
Words by Annie
Mrs Coups explained that at Drama Club they play fun games that include different acting skills (like charades). There is a lot of laughter; sometimes they act out an emotion, such as how they’d feel seeing a ghost or being a princess or famous person!
Words by Henrik and George
Once again, instructor Jon has come to Kyson to teach tennis. The children love playing Cross the River!
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Dance Club
Words by Ruby
Leanne Suffolk runs dance club. In dance club, children from the year groups of 1 and 2 get to learn and create new dances. The club is on a Monday after school.
The children enjoy Christmas dances very much and they are by far their favourite type of dance!
Football Club

Mrs Woor runs the Netball club with Mrs Baldry as she loves doing it. Netball club is a fun, inspiring club. It's run on a Thursday after school. She says the best skills to practice to get better at netball are footwork and ball skills.
A small motivational quote from Miss Woor:
Just 42
Words by Henrik
Annie’s little sister is in just 42 and apparently they've been talking lately about who's the most important person in the world and interesting things like that.
Words by George
Football club is a place for playing football matches with your friends after school. You can name your own team and pick your captain. The club is run by our very own Mr Ward!