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The Titanic *From port to cold sea*

by Evie Dula & Jasmine Nibbs


From port to cold sea
By: Evie Dula and Jasmine Nibbs
Ivory and Liola Hall have been told they will be taking a trip on the newest ship in the world, and the fastest (for their time). The Titanic. Ivory quickly decides she does not want to go but eventually, her sister persuades her enough to come. They board the ship waving goodbye to their parents when they meet a strange young man named Jack Dawson, and his sister, Rebecca. The story of two young girls straining to survive the wrenched and cold waters of the sea. Two of the four friends will live but the other two might just survive. Or will they...
What will happen when one comes up but the other goes down, down deep into the inky black waters?
Liola is 17 and Ivory is 15
Table of Contents
Chp 1...... Boarding the ship
Chp 2 ..... Breakfast and the Boys
Chp 3 ..... Liola's Drama
Chp 4 ..... Seeing the Luxury
Chp 5 ..... Tea time
Chp 6 ..... The missing sister
Chp 7 ..... Suspicion is Lurking
Chp 8 ..... The date with Jack
Chp 9 ..... The sister is found
Chp 10 ..... Captain's Orders
Chp 11 ..... The ignored message
Chp 12 ..... Somethings spotted
Chp 13 ..... Emergency on the ship
Chp 14 ..... Chaos
Chp 15 ..... The crash of the Titanic
Chp 16 ..... Where are Ivory and Rebecca
Chp 17 ..... Woman and Children First
Chp 18 ..... Gone
Chp 19 ..... Waking up
Chp 20 ..... On the port
Chp 21 ..... The raft of an aunt's table
Chp 22 ..... Home
Chp 23 ..... Reunion
Chp 24 ..... Am I not a woman?
Chp 25 ..... The better ship
The indoor pool only first class had access to
Gym available to first and second class
Cool real pictures of Titanic
Grand staircass
First class tea room
PART of the First class suite
First class lounge
Part of the First class deck