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Mirabel Personal Narrative



when it snowed
By: Mirabel Elusoji
One time in the morning I woke up and I was geting redey and I saw it snowing!!! and I was icksidid to play in the snow with me and my sisters. And we strted playing .
With the snow a bunch and we made snowangels and snowmen and we dshrod them. And it was fun . Next we stoped playing and we whent in side and chaned .
And shoerd. I toled my sisters that it was nice playing out side and .Last my mom sead we are going to your cusens houes today.
Because we have no lite we havto go now so we got in the car and left to my cusens house and we got ther . He sead hi Mirabel hi Angel hi Tammy and my mom told my cusens mom we will be sleeping at your house and my cusen was gumping for joy and sead yay and we played Till .
It was time to go to sleep and I read a book be for I went to bed . But I got dsterd and I stareted toking to Angel.