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Alutiiq Culture

by Mila Sio


All about my Alutiiq culture.
by mila and milas mom
hi me mila (as u know already). And I am alutiiq. and i am doing arts and whatever. i decided to do a book about my alaska native culture with my mom
that map shows different native nations of Alaska. My tribe\nation is Alutiiq or Sugpiaq. Our indigenous land is in South Central Alaska.
hunting visors

when we hunt we use hunting visors. we hunt seal and sea otter and when we hunt sea otter we use its fur for clothes and bags. anyway, hunting visors were used for protecting the hunters eye from the sun and the rain. hunting visors are important to my sugpiaq culture.
bidarka or kayak

in my tribe we make the original kayaks. in my culture it is called qayaq or bidarka. qayaqs are made out of wood and sea lion skins. we use qayaqs to get around in the ocean and waterways.

women in my alutiiq culture do special tattoos on their face/chins. these are very sacred and beautiful and have sacred meanings that i can not tell