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Manakara, Madagascar the life of Nora
By Madeline Lieser P.5
Hello, my name is Nora. I am 13 years old. I live in Manakara, Madagascar with my sister who is 14, and my mom and dad. This is my second year in junior school. I have 5 years intel school is over. And I will work in the family business well that is what my dad says I should do but working on a train for 14 hours is not the best job to have. I want to be a teacher in my
village and maybe teach my brother. He is due in a few months! My mom and dad want to name him Abo. Every day I have to get water from my family. We have two pales, one is for drinking and the other pale is for bathing or showing. I sometimes wish that we were not part of the 42.5% of people that have good sanitation. But it is ok because we live in a nice house. After I am done with the water thing, I take the train to school, well my dad really takes me to school because he drives the trains.
In school, we are learning about this weird place called Fargo North Dakota. They say in winter it is -30 degrees out. they also take a car and we take a train or walk
 have fewer people than 108 that are unemployed. And their maternal mortality is why less than 325 deaths/ 100,000 live births. 
When school is done I have to help mom clean. Since we are one of the 42.5% of people that have sanitation we have to use buckets and old clothes to clean the house. My sister is 14 years old she is getting married in a few weeks.